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Caring Veg Community (CVC) is a grassroots organization that provides care for human and non-human persons. We also create and share educational materials relating to anti-speciesism, interconnections between different systems of oppression, and the benefits of plant-based eating.

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More About Us

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Our Philosophy

CVC believes that the oppression of humans, non-humans, and the earth are all interconnected. We believe in caring for each other while we work to break down the structures that oppress us all.

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Our Core Values

  • Anti-diet Culture
  • Anti-racism
  • Anti-speciesism
  • Disability Liberation
  • Indigenous Sovereignty
  • Restorative and Transformational Justice
  • Trans and Sex Worker Inclusive Feminism

Learn more about these and our other positions.

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Previous Projects

CVC has participated in or hosted leafleting events, paid-per-views, documentary screenings, vegan food samplings, vegan food shares and potlucks, support groups, book clubs, public lectures, farmed animal sanctuary clean-ups, family-friendly literature and resource creation, and a restaurant outreach initiative.

Our Locations

CVC was founded in 2015 by Kaylyn Rhoads who serves as the current facilitator of the Central Ohio chapter. We now have members and chapter facilitators in several locations across the country and the globe.

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