Intern with CVC! – Ellenora

My internship with CVC was truly the best work experience of my life. I grew not only as a professional, but also as a person, and as an activist. As someone who is relatively new to veganism, and activism, this internship taught me so much about both. I recommend this internship to anyone who is looking to truly make a difference, not only in the world around them, but also to change themselves. I am so grateful for everything this internship has taught me, especially about myself, but also about management and marketing. Through my internship I was able to gain valuable real-life work experience as well as new skills and make connections with like-minded individuals. Not only am I a better person and activist, but I will also be a better employee wherever I work next. I cannot thank CVC enough for everything they have done for me and I am so happy I interned with them. Interning with CVC is a one of a kind experience you will not find somewhere else.

Ellenora H., NPO Management & Marketing Intern, May 2021

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