Intern with CVC! – Krithika

My internship with CVC is an experience that I will never forget! As a pre-med student, it was hard to get involved in typical extracurriculars such as research or physician shadowing due to the COVID-19 pandemic this year, but my virtual health and nutrition internship with CVC was an amazing addition to my resume. I learned so much about consistent anti-oppression veganism in addition to gaining public speaking skills, learning how to interpret scientific literature, and interviewing vegan healthcare professionals. Kaylyn and Evan are truly wonderful human beings and through them I have learned how I can make the healthcare field a more inclusive and accessible space. Some of the topics I explored during my internship are : fatphobia, unhoused people, disability, and anti-racism. All these topics intersect with veganism and it was an eye-opening year as I delved into these topics. If you are looking for a unique way to get involved in consistent anti-oppression veganism, then a CVC internship is perfect for you.

Krithika C., Health and Nutrition Intern, January 2021