Zoom with Us! – Charley

Discussions with CVC (and the related prep work) have recently been instrumental in my growth as a vegan and as a consistent anti-oppression activist. I’ve attended calls over several different topics, and it has been so enlightening to hear from folks with a range of experiences. The space that Kaylyn and Evan create and maintain allows everyone an opportunity to express their thoughts and explore questions they have without judgment. For example, one of the discussions I participated in was discussing Cell-Based Meat and its potential role in decreasing animal suffering. I think every person on the call had a slightly different opinion on the topic, and we each had an opportunity to weigh in on pros and cons of supporting CBM production, advertising it as vegans, etc. CVC’s calls and overall approach have helped me rethink and develop my approach to vegan activism in a critical way.

Charley K., C*lumbus, Ohio