Veg Consult – Debra

As someone still trying to reduce my meat intake, vegan spaces can be intimidating. CVC, Kaylyn, Evan, and Naya were all incredibly supportive and understanding. Everyone at CVC encouraged me to try new things, be open about my own questions or concerns, and think more deeply about both the ‘how’ and ‘why’ of veganism. IContinue reading “Veg Consult – Debra”

Veg Consult – Diamond

CVC welcomed me with open arms. I really enjoyed the mentorship program from the resources being shared, others feeling safe to share their experiences and what they’d like to grow in and just the respect that each person provided as well. We are all on a journey and together everyone was willing to be supportive!Continue reading “Veg Consult – Diamond”

Veg Consult – Mickey

I learned about CVC by happenstance and realized it was the push I needed to change my lifestyle. I have learned about fun and creative alternatives for meat and dairy, new brands, and even how to better advocate for members in my community. I have significantly reduced my fish and dairy consumption since learning aboutContinue reading “Veg Consult – Mickey”

Individual Consult – Sequoia (Lita)

I attended the zoom call with the expectation of it being a formal meeting. I figured I’d pitch some personal ideas I had in mind but ended up having a refreshing conversation with Kaylyn and Evan. They shared recommendations of their favorite educational titles regarding veganism and deeply intersected social constructs. I received some insightfulContinue reading “Individual Consult – Sequoia (Lita)”

Zoom with Us! – Natalie

I really enjoyed zooming with Kaylyn and Evan at CVC and the engaging discussion we had about zoos & veganism. The meeting was super casual – we bonded over books, snacks, and adorable kitties. Prior to the zoom, they sent me two (optional) articles that were informative and helped keep the convo flowing! Chatting withContinue reading “Zoom with Us! – Natalie”

Schedule a Presentation! – Avery

As an anti-human trafficking organization, we really value feminism and intersectionality! CVC collaborated with us to host an online speaker event, where they developed a presentation specifically for our club. The majority of our members were relatively uneducated about veganism prior to this event, and CVC taught us really impactful information. We appreciated learning aboutContinue reading “Schedule a Presentation! – Avery”

Intern with CVC! – Madeline

If you enjoy making a positive impact while working with passionate individuals and learning about activism, then consider an internship with the CVC! As a nonprofit management intern, I gained experience with fundraising, website design, managing volunteers, researching grants, engaging in community outreach, and learning about animal rights organizations. From the beginning, I worked closelyContinue reading “Intern with CVC! – Madeline”

Intern with CVC! – Kaylin

Despite my internship becoming remote due to Covid, I have learned so much and have enjoyed these past few months spent working with CVC. Originally, I became interested in this internship due to my recent switch to veganism and my interest in nonprofit work and management. I never anticipated to learn so much about notContinue reading “Intern with CVC! – Kaylin”


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