Get Involved!


The Caring Veg Community (CVC) is an entirely volunteer-run organization. The CVC’s mission is to provide care for human and non-human persons and education relating to anti-speciesism, interconnected oppression, and the benefits of plant-based diets.

Involvement opportunities include:
– Designers donating sticker designs for social justice.
– Volunteering at our outreach events, such as: mutual aid serves, paid-per-views, vegan food sampling, tabling at festivals and expos, potlucks/food shares, public lectures, and more!
– Behind the scenes work including: creating family-friendly initiatives, creating content, fundraising, preparing for events, social media maintenance, website maintenance, writing press releases, and more!

Intern With Us!

Get grassroots activism experience, make connections, and help an activist organization grow! As an intern, you will work directly with CVC leadership to build skills that will benefit you as you move forward into your career in animal rights or any other social movement. 

Requirements: Completion of 150 hours (minimum) or up to 360 hours (max) over 3-9 months, weekly Zoom check-ins, interest in consistent anti-oppression, identify as vegan (i.e. someone who supports the abolition of the unnecessary exploitation of animals), ability to work remotely without supervision.

Benefits: Every internship is customized to the intern. Grow your skills in grassroots activism and communication, help your community, and make connections with like-minded people. CVC will serve as a reference and provide letters of recommendation as long as needed.

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Internship Options

Every internship is customized to the needs and interests of the intern based on a meeting at the beginning of the internship. Here are some examples of the different sorts of skills and education that your internship could focus on.

1) General Student Internship – This is for the high school or college student looking for an internship to fulfill a school requirement. This internship will build your skills in activism, increase your knowledge of the vegan movement, and enhance your critical thinking skills. 

2) Animal Rights Internship – This is will help you build your skills in activism to further develop yourself as an effective animal rights advocate. This internship has a focus on activist theory, grassroots organizing, and leadership. 

3) Nonprofit Management Internship – This is for the individual who is interested in learning about management of an all volunteer run 501(c)(3) nonprofit. In addition to building your skills in activism, increasing your knowledge about the vegan movement, and enhancing your critical thinking skills, you will also learn about the inner workings of managing and growing a grassroots volunteer run organization.

4) Social Media Internship – This is for the individual who wants to utilize social media to provide education relating to anti-speciesism, interconnected oppressions, and benefits of plant-based diets.

5) Business Liaison Internship – This is for the individual who is interested in the professional aspects of working with a nonprofit. As an intern in this role, you will hone your communication skills while developing and maintaining relationships with businesses. Additional responsibilities may include collaborating with businesses on projects of interest and working on the CVC’s anti-racist business initiative.

6) Health & Nutrition Intern – This is for the individual who is interested in the nutrition, wellness, or preventative medicine. This internship focuses on holistic strategies for strengthening and maintaining the health and well-being of individuals and communities. Interns will learn about structural causes of poor health, anti-diet vegan nutrition, intuitive eating, Health at Every Size® (HAES®), and how to incorporate these ideas into grassroots vegan activism.

7) Environmental & Social Justice Intern – This internship focuses on strengthening connections between grassroots organizations and nonprofits to collectively improve access to resources as well as create a sustainable future for all.

8) Community Outreach Intern– This internship focuses on overseeing programs for the community ranging from Veg Mentorship groups, to the CVC Free Store Pop-Ups. 

In addition to the formal internships listed above, the CVC also creates customized internships based on interest. Please feel free to apply for an internship, even if your preferred title differs from one of our eight core internships.