Virtual Learning Group Resources

CVC group discussions are designed to help activists learn and grow. As such, these group discussions often deal with heavy topics that can be emotionally draining and triggering. We encourage you to keep that in mind before engaging with these resources and joining the group discussions. If you have specific questions about any of the material, please feel free to reach out.

Consider the above information an umbrella trigger warning. CVC is currently working to add specific warnings to this list for items like graphic violence. Please be patient as we continue to add them. If you think a trigger warning should be added that we do not currently have, please let us know!

If materials are unavailable, please contact us to arrange access.

Activism, Community, and Children

Activism Strategy Part 1

  • The Animal People (Trigger warning: vivisection and police brutality) (Documentary)

Engage with at Least 2 of the Following

  • How to Create a Vegan World (YouTube Video)
  • Melanie Joy: Why We (Still) Love Dogs, Eat Pigs, and Wear Cows (Podcast)
  • A Strategy for Achieving Vegan Critical Mass (YouTube Video)
  • Strategic Communication to Veganize the World (YouTube Video)

Activism Strategy Part 2, Exploring AR Activism

  • Research the organizations in the Exploring AR Activism Exercise and think about the following questions:
    • In your opinion, are the organization’s events/initiatives/approaches to activism meeting their goals?
    • What do you think the outcome is of the group’s activities?
  • Please note: CVC is not affiliated or partnered with any of these groups. We are not condoning or opposing their activism. This exercise is purely to explore, compare, and contrast the activism strategies of these organizations.

Anti-oppression and Vegan Businesses


Optional Additional Resources

Companion Animals

Cultivated/Lab-grown Meat

  • Cowspiracy (Trigger warning: graphic animal death at 1:10:00) (Documentary)
  • Lab Grown Meat (Audio)
  • A Better Meat: Taking Pandemics Off the Menu (YouTube Video)
  • Why Laboratory-grown Meat Is Not Vegan (Article)
  • Browse the Good Food Institute (Blog)


  • Crip Camp: A Disability Revolution (Netflix Documentary)
  • Is Veganism Ableist? (Article)
  • Where Disability Rights and Animals Rights Meet (Podcast)
  • Chapters 5, 14, and 16 of Beasts of Burden (PDF)
  • Unspeakable Conversations (PDF)
  • The Isolation of Being Deaf in Prison (Article)


  • Overview of Ecofeminism (YouTube Video)
  • Chapter 1 of The Sexual Politics of Meat (PDF)

Exploring Feminism: An Examination of Dietland

  • Dietland TV Series (available on Hulu or Amazon Prime) (Text 614-937-5584 for a Hulu Login!) (Trigger Warning: depiction of sexual assault in episode 8 [Timestamp: 40 min])

Exploring Nonprofits

  • Why People of Color Need Spaces Without White People (Article)
  • Problems with Nonprofits (Instagram Post)
  • Fill Out Exploring Nonprofit Exercise

Fat Liberation and Body Justice

  • Fat Vegan Voice with Chelsea Lincoln (Podcast)
  • Size Acceptance & Veganism (YouTube Video)
  • Discussing Fearing the Black Body with Evette Dionne (Skip first 6 minutes) (Podcast)
  • The Bizarre and Racist History of the BMI (Article)

Optional Additional Resources


Human Saviorism

Indigenous Solidarity

  • Native Tradition v. Militant Veganism (Article)
  • Chapter 1, “Follow the Corn” from An Indigenous Peoples’ History of the United States (PDF)
  • Indigenous Veganism: Feminist Natives Do Eat Tofu (YouTube Video with Closed Captioning | Transcript)
  • Top 5 reasons to NOT celebrate Thanksgiving (Article)
  • Alaska Native Perceptions of Food, Health, and Community Well-being (PDF)

Optional Additional Resources

  • Indigenous Ally Toolkit (Instagram Post)
  • Time to Abolish Columbus Day (Article)
  • Check out these 10 Indigenous Advocacy Organizations (Instagram)
  • The National Day of Mourning (Article)
  • “Indigenous Perspectives” from A Companion to Environmental Philosophy (PDF)

Mutual Aid for Human and Nonhuman Persons

Racial Justice and Decolonial Theory

Optional Additional Resources

  • Get Out (Film)
  • Racism as Zoological Witchcraft (Book)

Plant Sentience


Optional Additional Resources

  • The Truman Show (Film)
  • The Truman Show Summary with Spoilers (YouTube Video)