Size Acceptance and Veganism

Size Acceptance and Veganism with Ragen Chastain

For our first virtual event, we were thrilled to host the phenomenal Ragen Chastain for the lecture “Size Acceptance & Veganism” on August 23rd 2020. In this lecture we learned foundational information about fatphobia, diet culture, Health At Every Size (HAES), and other size acceptance topics. These topics are important for us to know about and engage with as we learn and grow as a consistent anti-oppression vegan community. Fatphobia and diet culture are 1) inconsistent with anti-oppression ethical values, 2) a barrier to people who are interested in veganism, and 3) a barrier to all vegans finding a welcoming and safe community. Ragen’s lecture lays out foundational information for the beginners among us while also tying it back to how these topics are relevant to the vegan movement. There was an incredible Q&A following the lecture which was also recorded! Stay tuned – we will have a follow-up event featuring Chelsea Lincoln of Fat Vegan Voice who will build upon this presentation.


Big thanks to Chelsea Lincoln who helped us create this list of excellent resources! Know of some other good ones? Shoot us a message and we will add them! Please feel free to reach out to us anytime to schedule a virtual chat to discuss Size Acceptance & Veganism, or any other topic as it relates to consistent anti-oppression veganism!

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