Intern with CVC! – Madeline

If you enjoy making a positive impact while working with passionate individuals and learning about activism, then consider an internship with the CVC! As a nonprofit management intern, I gained experience with fundraising, website design, managing volunteers, researching grants, engaging in community outreach, and learning about animal rights organizations. From the beginning, I worked closelyContinue reading “Intern with CVC! – Madeline”

Intern with CVC! – Krithika

My internship with CVC is an experience that I will never forget! As a pre-med student, it was hard to get involved in typical extracurriculars such as research or physician shadowing due to the COVID-19 pandemic this year, but my virtual health and nutrition internship with CVC was an amazing addition to my resume. IContinue reading “Intern with CVC! – Krithika”

Intern with CVC! – Ellenora

My internship with CVC was truly the best work experience of my life. I grew not only as a professional, but also as a person, and as an activist. As someone who is relatively new to veganism, and activism, this internship taught me so much about both. I recommend this internship to anyone who isContinue reading “Intern with CVC! – Ellenora”