Virtual Learning Group

All are welcome at CVC’s virtual group discussions, which are designed to help unlearn oppressive behaviors and build a community of consistent anti-oppression activists. 

If you’re new to CVC and would like to join the discussions, please email to complete a short orientation.

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Upcoming Discussions

Preparing for Discussions

CVC is a consistent anti-oppression organization focused on total liberation. We strive to maintain a safe and welcoming space by refraining from promoting problematic ideas that support oppression.

Problematic Ideas We Avoid
  • Ableism- talking about neurodiverse or physically disabled people as “inspirational” or infantilizing them. Talking negatively about people who communicate/express themselves in unfamiliar ways
  • Weight discrimination/diet culture- moralizing food, viewing thin bodies as superior to fat, promoting restrictive eating, dieting, weight loss, or BMI as a metric of health
  • Speciesism- talking about non-human animals as “less than” or as commodities. Please do not refer to cops/police as “pigs” in CVC spaces or use speciesist language such as “they are a chicken,” “they are a rat,” “they are like an animal.”
  • Other ideas that perpetuate harm (like the myth of meritocracy)

No one is going to be perfect and when problematic language is used there is a call-in. This can look like someone using the word “cr*zy” as a descriptor and then someone else following up with “what did you actually mean?” Call-ins are quick and non-confrontational, and we feel that these are an important part of learning and growing. Group facilitators will do call-ins but everyone is invited to practice call-ins if something is said/done that you would like to address. You are encouraged to call-in group facilitators as well, as all of us benefit from being called-in when we unintentionally perpetuate harm.

Contact us if you have any questions or are interested in an orientation meeting.